Beauty Video: How To Fill In Your Eyebrows Naturally

I frequently get asked the question, “what is the one makeup trick you cannot live without?” The answer is easy: filling in my eyebrows. Let’s use the analogy of a painting. If you were an artist and you painted a beautiful canvas and then wanted to hang that canvas on the wall, you would probably frame it first, right? Eyebrows are like a frame for your face. They just complete the entire makeup look and really shape your face. Even on days when I don’t wear anything besides concealer and a little mascara, I feel better about how I look if I fill in my brows too. It doesn’t have to mean full on drag queen brow, just simple. I personally have thin eyebrows and they grow very un-evenly, so filling in my brows helps even more. Watch the video below for a simple breakdown of how to fill in your brows and the products I use to do this!




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