Transitioning your space to fall.

I am usually a summer kind of gal, but this pregnancy has me desperate for fall. With that said, and a baby due in November I am already thinking of how I will transition my home for fall. I am definitely not the kind of person that will “go all out” for fall, Halloween or Thanksgiving, but I do like for my home to feel cozy and fall like for the season. So below are some simple ways to transition your space into fall.

Add texture that makes your space feel warm and cozy. Mixing a pillow or throw in a plaid and some fur, always creates a fall feel. I plan on adding a plaid pillow or two and removing pillows that are too summer like. I always like to do a fur at the end of my bed and a fur thrown over my sofa to replace my summer light weight throws.


Painting pumpkins for your centerpiece is a mod way to create fall in your space. If I put pumpkins by my front door I opt for plain painted pumpkins because the painted designs can be too much outside. I love the three below. Click on the links under each picture for directions.


DIY Mud Cloth Pumpkins

pumpkins1 Instructions


DIY Paint Splattered Pumpkins

If you are into a more traditional pumpkin approach, I really like this post on chalk painting your pumpkins. 🙂



Candles are an inexpensive way to create fall right when you walk through your front door. I focused on my absolute favorite and my design assistant’s (who goes all out for each holiday) favorite, because I am confident you will love all three.

Consider this part 1 because this is where I am starting. But when we get deeper into fall I love to do creative things with branches, nuts and the like.


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  1. I’m with you on the pregnant and desperation for fall thing — something about expecting a child while it STAYS A BILLION DEGREES FOREVER is maddening! By no means am I looking forward to the miserable cold of winter, but if it could be fall for a good long while and I’d be content!

  2. Will you try re-linking the etsy sources? I think it’s a plaid pillow and another pillow. Both say source not found. Thank you!!!!

    1. Hey, I just checked and all of my linked. Are they still doing that for you? If so describe the pillows or what number they are in the lineup and I will send you the links.:) sorry you are having trouble – April

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