How To Combat An Aging Neck

So, aging is the weirdest thing. I’m only 33, so not old, but definitely old enough to start seeing the signs of aging. Things don’t quite sit where they used to if you know what I mean. I work pretty hard to get my body feeling good and keep my face from going too far down a dark road, but honestly it wasn’t until this year that I noticed I may be missing  something by not paying more attention to my neck. In fact, our necks and chest have the thinnest skin on our body, which makes both of those areas super susceptible to aging. I started seeing horizontal lines on my neck in pictures and it really did not feel good.

I want to pause right here and say that I understand that these are first world problems. Also, I have quite enjoyed the way I have grown over the last few years of my life and the spiritually “aging” process has been a wonderful gift. I would also say that I am practicing self love and acceptance. I just want to age as gracefully as possible. Period. I’m not trying to have any intensive surgeries to drastically alter my looks, but I will take care of my body along the way.

Now with that rant out of the way, since this is a beauty post, I did some research and talked to some top dermatologist about what to do to avoid having to go under the knife to correct a saggy, aging neck and chest area. Here’s what I found and some awesome products to help get us there!

1. Don’t forget to exfoliate.

If you take care of your face, you probably exfoliate. I actually shave my face as a part of this process. See that post here. However, don’t just stop on your face. Exfoliating can turn over skin cells to help create new, firmer looking skin. It also gets rid of dead skin so that products can sink into new skin easily.

2. Get some peptides on your neck.

There is lots of science to show that peptides help make new collogen and elastic tissue, which is what our skin needs to look younger and firmer. I like this mask by Rodial. It is easy and includes peptides and hyaluronic acid, both the best products to prevent aging. Find it here.

3. Find a good daily neck cream.

Dedicated neck creams are often a lot stronger than face creams. I got mine from my dermatologist, Haley Wood, it’s called Nexage by Skin Benefit. I use it twice a day, morning and night. I told Haley about the lines I was noticing and she immediately told me to start using this product. She said to try it for two months and if I didn’t see a difference we would look at other options. I’ve seen a huge difference. It is smoothing out the lines and actually just tightening my neck in general for a more smooth appearance. Apparently it is also protecting my skin from future damage. Email Haley here or call (615) 628-7247 to get this product!

4. Always Use Sunscreen!

I feel like it’s a given, yet a lot of people still don’t do this. Protect your skin people! This will make a huge difference in the long run. Find my favorite sunscreen for face and neck here.


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