All Of The Reasons You Should Be Shaving Your Face

I would like to think of Velvet’s Edge as a judgement free zone. I say that because after what I’m about to say, I would like for you all not to judge me.

What if I told you that I had been holding on to a secret that can drastically slow down your skin’s aging process. You would want to know right? You would even, maybe, be a little mad at me when I told you I’ve been holding on to this secret for over a year now….right???

So here is goes:

Y’all…..I shave my face. Like, entire face. The whole thing. My neck too.

I either just gave you guys the biggest game changer in the skin world or single-handedly killed my dating life. Maybe both.

I have been shaving for about a year now. I wasn’t sure I wanted to announce it to the world wide web, but I’ve started feeling some guilt for holding out on you guys. Also my friend Amy, from the Bobby Bones Show, talked about it on air after I convinced her to do it, the ladies on the View have been talking about it, it was even on Good Morning America. Apparently everybody’s doing it….strength in numbers I suppose.

I started shaving because I was told it would help with anti-aging, which I mean is basically like the key to my heart. I have been so thrilled with it though because it also serves as a great exfoliator. My skin is more smooth, glowing and all of my products, makeup, etc go on a lot more evenly.

Here’s how it all began:

As I said, I am always on the search for ways to better my skin. Acne, aging, the whole shebang. I started seeing Nashville esthetician Karee Hays, (who seriously has changed my skin by the way, she is amazing at her job….GO SEE HER. Click here for contact info). Anyway, tons of estheticians provide a service called dermaplanning (the fancy way to say shaving your face) along with facials. Karee’s philosophy is that you should also be dermaplanning between facials to really get the cellular turnover needed to see a difference in your skin. So when you go get a facial with Karee, you also get a lesson on how to shave your face and the fun facts on why you should be doing this once or twice a week.

Here are some FAQ’s and the how and why of it according to Karee:

1. Rarely do you see men with vertical fine lines around their mouths because they are shaving. The constant cellular turnover that happens because of shaving increases volume and elasticity, thus being a major anti-ager.

2. Shave your entire face, even around the crows feet and neck too. See video below for deets on how to shave.

3. You will not grow a beard! That is a myth. The hair you have on your face will grow back exactly the same. The peach fuzz hair will grow back as peach fuzz.

4. Use a men’s razor.

Karee’s favorites: Gilette Fusion (which is what I use…find here) or the Mach 3 (find here). Stay away from BIC razors because they are made with nickel. Women’s razor’s often have moisturizing strips which can cause bacteria to build up.

5. Use a creamy cleanser, like Cetaphil, and lather face. Wet razor with hot water.

6. Shave once or twice a week depending on what your skin needs and how fast your hair grows back.

7. Not everyone is a candidate for shaving. If you have a skin disorder, a lot of dark coarse hair on your face or problems with acne, consult your dermatologist or esthetician before shaving.

Here is Karee’s how to video on how to shave your face:

Karee has kindly offered 10% off to all VE readers through the month of April on all services. Simply give the code: ‘Velvet’s Edge’ when you call to schedule your appointment. Trust me you will love it!




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  1. the ladies in my office were seriously just talking about this…doesn’t it leave you with “stubble” if you do not do it everyday?

    1. Not at all. Once a week is enough for me to not have stubble. You can do it as much as you want though….it’s not hurting anything. But you definitely aren’t going to get a 5’o’clock shadow like a man

    1. Hi! So I started shaving my face and using moisturizer while doing it. Should I be adding more moisturizer after shaving or something like an after shave?

      1. Ho Lori! Shaving your face changes everything, am I right! Using a moisturizer may work great for you and if so keep using that. If you notice the moisturizer is too think to shave with and your razor is getting clogged and not giving a smooth shave, I suggest trying out a simple face wash. After shaving definitely follow with your serum or moisturizer – it will soak into your skin even better now that your face is free from hair and dead skin.

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