Weekly Full Body Workout

Hey guys,

I am officially in baby making mode. So here is what you will see in the fitness section over the next few months, since I clearly will not be doing photoshoot. You can still expect a weekly workout. For any pieces of clothing that I am loving, April will be throwing them on her floor and taking photos, so that you guys don’t miss a beat in fitness fashion. I have also sent April my favorite recipes and our photographer will help her capture these amazing, healthy recipes. Wish me luck, because at this point I am counting down the days and am so excited to meet Driver. Keep reading for your weekly workout fix….

80 jumping jacks
10 burpees
2 min Stretch

Set 1:
– 10 Overhead reverse lunges (hold single weight or weighted medicine ball overhead. Make sure not to arch back)
medicine ball workout1
– 12 Incline push ups (a normal pushup but place hands on bench or ball)

Set 2:
Weighted Workout 14
– 10 Weighted Chest Press
– 10 Side crunches each side (example video here)

Set 3:
– 1 min jog (if you have a 10lb weighted medicine ball, carry overhead for extra intensity)
Ab and Butt workout5
Ab and Butt workout4
– 12 Ab layouts
Set 4:
– 10 Side shuffle Squats each side
preggo workoutpreggo workout

– 12 Dips

xo – Olivia

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