Finding the Haircut That’s Best For Your Face Shape

For two years now, I have sported some super long weave. Like down to my hips weave. It’s been a good run. When I first got my extensions I didn’t want them cut, shortened, sprayed up, nothing. Just long mermaid hair. Find all the deets here.

Although I loved my long hair so much, lately I’ve been in the mood for change. Because I’ve had my weave for so long, my own hair was also getting super long and because I take collagen peptides everyday, it’s also gotten very thick. (Find those here.) I also just started to feel like a moving blob of hair. Luckily my sweet friend Marwa Bashir had some ideas for me and we decided to take the scissors to my weave.

I have a super long face, so I felt really weighed down not having any layers chopped into my hair. I am tall so I wanted to keep the length semi long to work with my long frame.

Marwa found these two pics for inspo. While keeping long layers, she wanted some shorter layers around my face to break up the long length of both my face and hair.

She dry cut super choppy layers and took out tooooooons of weight. I truly do feel pounds lighter. I should probably get on the scale and see

This is what Marwa said about the cut she gave me:

“I gave Kelly shattered/ lived in layers around her face near the top of the cheekbones to create the illusion of a more “heart” shaped face . I love adding layers here bc it makes anyone’s cheeks pop! Also this type of layer looks amazing on any face shape. Shorter blended layers through out the top were also added so that she can tons of bouncy movement. This also can be smoothed out to create a sleek look and why I prefer to cut dry so I can see how the layers are going to move and lay.”

With warmer weather coming it really is the perfect time for a change. Do you know what cuts would work well with your face shape? When I was investigating, I found these two articles to be very helpful. They give shape descriptions and also celeb photo references to not only help figure out which shape you are, but also what kind of cut would look best.

The Most Flattering Haircuts for Your Faceshape

The Best Haircuts For Every Face Shape 

Cut by Marwa Bashir, find her here

Color by Leah Hoffman, find her here

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  1. Thank you for these tips! Love this topic and change is always good! You have so much beauty and brains xox thanks for sharing 🙂

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