Long Weave, Make Believe

If you don’t already know, I have weave in my hair. I got so many comments about it at the Reward Style convention last weekend. It usually goes something like this:

Person: Oh my gosh! Your hair is SO long and beautiful!

Me: Thank you! It’s fake.

Not sure why I have to clarify that immediately, but I feel like people should know! I will say that my natural hair is very long too and I do actually have a lot of it, it just gets to a point where it stops growing or looks really dead on the ends and I got to a point that I wanted really, really ridiculously long hair. Enter Dreamcatcher extension exhibit 1:dallas 2

I wanted to answer some of the FAQ’s I typically get about my extensions to give you guys the 411:

  1. Are they taped in or clipped in? Neither. They are attached by these little tiny beads. The beads are attached to the end of the extensions and my awesome hair stylist (Leah Hoffman at Parlour & Juke) weaves that bead onto a piece of my actual hair and clamps it closed at the end. Maybe this is in my head, but I do feel like this helps the extensions look more natural because they are woven in with your natural hair.
  2. How long does it take? The first time took the longest, when she was putting them in and that, with my color and blow dry probably took around 2 hours. To get them tightened, which I do every 7-8 weeks takes about 30-45 min. It’s so fast. I coordinate that with the  time I’m going in to have my roots touched up so essentially its the same as it was before I had extensions and was just getting a cut and color.
  3. How often do you have to change them out? As I said above I get them tightened every 7-8 weeks and they last up to a year on your head.
  4. What’s the process of styling? I style my hair mostly the same as I did before. I will say that the extension hair is a little bit of a tighter curl than my natural hair, so it took me a month or two to really get down how long to hold a curling iron on the extension hair to get the right wave, etc.
  5. Do you have to use special product? I try and use products that are sulfate free and hydrating. Just things to keep my extension hair as healthy as possible. Click pics below to shop!                                        
  6. Do you love them? YES! I’m obsessed with them. I would do it 100 times over again and I would recommend these to anyone who is thinking about getting them.

If you have anymore questions or things I didn’t answer feel free to email me at [email protected] or comment below!

Shop my yellow dress look by clicking on the pics below!                                                                                          


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  1. My hair is so thin wouldnthis be easily seen through your hair it it is fine? I want to get them for more volume not necessarily length! Thank you!

    1. Your hairstylist will hide them within your natural hair! With this kind, they can place them individually so it blends rather than with tape ins, or a clip ins where it goes from side to side of your head and can be seen

    1. Courtney, it totally depends on the quality of hair you get, the type (tape in, dreamcatcher…etc.) and who you go to. The hair I have lasts for at least a year if you take good care of it! Good to do research and find someone in your area that does that kind you want

  2. Thanks for sharing . I’m a stylist and I tip beaded extensions are the main kind of extensions that I do as well . I’ve been incorporating some handtied / machine tied sew ins with them as well !! Your gorgeous!!


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