This is what your kissing style says about you!

What Your Kissing Style Says About Your Personality

Have you ever had a make out so steamy, you woke up the next morning with bruised lips? Oh, no? Just me? Interesting.
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Kissing Bruises

While I can say this was a one time experience for me, I can also say the intensity of the type of kissing that got me here had me asking a lot of questions about the man responsible for the bruises. Upon meeting, he seemed mild mannered, reserved and artistic. The kind of guy who may write you a love song, make sweet love to you and wake up and make you a french pressed coffee. I gotta tell you, I never saw these bruises coming.

How they happened:

The make out started slowly (as all good make outs do), and things naturally heated up a bit. Hands moving around, breathing a little heavier, you know the drill. What ended up happening soon after the heavy breathing ensued, was a “lip suck” if you will. I will not lie, a little pop of suction felt nice at first. I personally had never experienced that before. A little nibble, yes, but I was a suction virgin. As the make out went on the suction got stronger. If we were scaling suction I would say dust buster to full on industrial Dyson by the end. My once french pressed coffee barista immediately became Henry Hoover.

Needless to say (because many of you have messaged me with the same thought), I began to question what this type of kissing said about him. Was he a hipster on the streets and a freak in the sheets? Or was I reading into things? Since I never went out with him again, I may never know the true answer, but I do feel like we can all learn a thing or two from my experience.

I did some research and found some interesting things about what a certain kissing technique can say about your personality. While no one article directly addressed the Hoover syndrome, I think its fair to call him “up for adventure.”


Also, in case you ever end up with bruised lips, here’s what I used to get rid of the bruises:

Comment below with your funny make out mishaps, I can’t be the only one.

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  1. I woke up with a very swollen lower lip after a make out session. I can’t say I looked at the inside of my lip, so I don’t know if it was bruised, but my female companion also gave me a couple hickeys, so she was into applying suction in different places.

  2. I’ve had a not so steamy make-out session… I had a guy literally drop a loogie in my mouth. I don’t believe it was intentional he just had no idea what the hell he was doing. He held his mouth open weird, covered my lips and chin;the kiss was sloppy and wet. It just didn’t feel sexy at all. Ad would you believe all of that lasted about 7 seconds if that I just could not. I’m telling you that man is unteachable P.E.R.I.O.D.

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