Find Your Perfect Red Lip

Find Your Perfect Red Lip

Red lips are truly a classic staple for any time of year, but with Valentine’s Day on the horizon, there is even more reason to find your perfect red lip for you. I have women tell me all the time that a red lip is just not right for them and I highly disagree and believe a red lip is universally flattering, IF you find the right red lip for you. Here are my red lip hacks:

1. Benefits Of a Red Lip

– One of my favorite things about red lips is how white they make your teeth look.
Rock a red lip and you won’t need those white strips anymore.
– Red lips are such a statement, you hardly need any other makeup. Slap on some concealer and mascara and you are good to go.
– Red lips are universally flattering, but if you have light eyes like me, it’s the most underrated way to make those eyes pop.

2. How To Apply a Red Lip:

I think one of the most intimidating things about wearing a red lip to most people is the actual application.
For a full proof way to apply a red lip, watch my tutorial here.

3. Tricks to Picking Your Best Red Lip:

Do you have a yellow or pink undertone to your skin? This will dictate which kind of red lip you need.
If you tan easily and naturally, it’s probably a yellow undertone.
If you burn easily or have trouble tanning, you probably have a pink undertones.

Pink undertones in your skin mean you need a red lip with a blue base. The easiest way to figure this out is to look at the lip color and see if you pick up on blues or purples. If so, this color has a blue base.

Yellow undertones in your skin mean you need a red lip with an orange base. Again, look at the lip color. Do you see orange at all in the red color? That is an orange undertone.

Still confused? Try this: Vein Trick -Another easy way to figure out undertones is to look at your veins. If you veins look more blue, you will need a red lip with a blue undertone. If your veins look more green, you will look better in orangy-reds.

My Favorite Red Lips for Newbies

I love a lot of different red lipsticks, but if you are wanting to try a red lip out or just wanting something new, I love these crayons by NYX. The price point is amazing, they are super easy to apply and the crayon shape eliminates the need for a liner. I am a fair skinned, blue undertone girl. This crayon in ‘Leading Lady’ is what I have currently been wearing non-stop. Click the pic to shop.

Favorite Orangy-reds:

Favorite Blue-ish reds:

Colors for these: Leading Lady, Ruby Woo, Classic Red

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    1. Hey Ashley! The colors for the bluish red options are NYX-Leading Lady, MAC-Ruby Woo and Neutrogena Classic Red.

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