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My Favorite Things: The Outfit That Is Making Me Feel Good Right Now

They say February is the month of love, which ok, we can go with that. I think part of love is doing what makes you feel your best and when you look good you feel good, ya know? I’ve been obsessing over a few fashion pieces lately and I decided to put them all into one post because honestly they are just that good. Click the pics below to shop.


Norma Kamali dress

I love this dress because it’s a super flattering cut to hug curves, but also give that hourglass shape. It’s comfy and an amazing price.

Balenciaga shoes

I tried to fight this trend, but finally decided I just loved it too much. I’ve been wearing these shoes with lots of outfits, but my favorite is to pair them with a dress and give that feminine sporty look a go. Here are my favorite choices of the style

Leopard Windbreaker

Love the weight of this jacket, casual and cute, and obvi just leopard is not going away anytime soon.

Red Lip

Because its just always a win. This one from NYX is my current favorite and it’s so easy to use because of it’s crayon shape.

Fanny Pack

Very New York. Very comfortable. Very chic, but also cool enough to look like you just threw it on and don’t care.
But we all care, obvi. I am into wearing it over the shoulder right now.

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