How To Transition Your Workout Gear To Cold Weather Temps

I always call lululemon my “uniform,” because I truly do wear it almost everyday! It makes going from running errands to hanging with my friends easy because their products are comfortable and cute. Truly my favorite and most comfortable transition pieces that I can wear all day.

With the colder months looming in Nashville, I started thinking about how my favorite Lululemon pieces could transition from fall to winter. For me, it’s all about layering. I love starting with a tank and then throwing a long sleeve top over it because I’m always chilly when I start my workouts. Of course once December hits, I know I will need another layer to keep me warmer while I go to and from or if I do any sort of outdoor workouts or runs. This puffy coat will definitely be my go-to this winter! Lulu really does layering right!

Here are some pics of how I like to layer, plus links to all of this awesome gear!


Also, here is my winter workout that I will be starting soon as I transition back into full workouts. Grab that puffy coat and do it in your driveway!

Do a 5 min warm up (jumping jacks, stretch, etc…)
Sprint 10 seconds
15 sumo squats
Sprint 10 seconds
10 push ups
Repeat set 4x’s
12 walking lunges (carry towel with you above your head)
10 tricep dips (use towel for under hands if needed)
Repeat set 3x’s
15 shuffle squats one way (carry towel with you straight out in front)
30 sec plank (use towel under elbows)
15 shuffle squats back other way
30 sec straight arm plank
Repeat set 4x’s
Cool down: brisk walk and stretch



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