How Kelly Wore It: Silver Shoes????

I was browsing online recently and came across these shoes made by Shelly’s London. I stared at them for a long time and asked myself: are these cool or are these shoes my grandma would wear? I debated.

I decided to wait on purchasing the shoes and over the next few days it was like the only shoe I saw anyone wearing were these flats. I believe they are actually some form of a mule. I went back to Nordstrom’s online store and looked again. I purchased the shoes and told myself I would try them on and then just return them if they were awful. I got them, I tried them on. I walked around my living room. I showed my boyfriend. I showed another friend. I decided the shoes were a go and I have litrally (that’s British for literally) not taken them off since. I’m obsessed. Plus they are under $100 and we all know I love that.

I paired them with these brilliant (also a British word) pants by A.L.C and an off the shoulder bodysuit that make me feel like Audrey Hepburn with a little edge. Here’s how I wore it and trust me, don’t knock them ’till you try them!



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