Olivia’s Beach Body Workout

I decided to do a revamp of last year’s beach body workout since I have been beaching with some of my girlfriends this week. I always said when I was pregnant that I wouldn’t wear bikinis, wouldn’t let people take pictures of my belly, etc, etc…Little did I know that I have never felt more beautiful than I do pregnant. There is something so amazing about a woman’s body growing a child and I have been able to workout pretty consistently since the end of my first trimester. I wrote this workout for all people to do, and just a few modifications for pregnant women. Enjoy!
beach body workout1

Beach Body Workout 2016

5 min cardio of choice

Set 1
-15 bicep curls 
beach body workout
15 side raises (with band or light weights, with arms down by side raise straight arms out to the side of body, lower back down)
15 front raises (with band or light weights, with arms down by side raise straight arms parallel out in front of body, lower back down)
Repeat 3-4x’s

Set 2
– 10 Right Leg Bulgarian Split Squat (this looks like a lunge; place left foot on a bosu ball or slightly raised surface, lunge down and up 10 times) Example video here.
– 10 Left Leg Bulgarian Split Squat
– 12 knee tucks (if pregnant, sit 90° a slowly lift feet off the floor and back down) Example video here. You can also do these sitting on the floor.
Repeat 3-4x’s

Set 3-
5 mins
– 1 min right leg Donkey Kicks
– 1 min left leg Donkey Kicks
– 1 min right side Plank Hip Raises
– 1 min left side Plank Hip Raises
– 1 min Hip Raises
Repeat 2x’s

xo – Olivia

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