April’s Wedding Workouts

Shed Workout4

I always imagined eloping for my wedding, but my fiancé loves entertaining so I agreed to have a BIG one. I obviously really love him and this is the proof. But knowing that I’ll be standing in front of 350 people made me realize that I needed to get my shit together. I wasn’t working out as much as I should, I was washing my face every night but I wasn’t religious about it, and I wasn’t drinking enough water or taking vitamins. All that changed when I started wedding prep. I feel so much better about my body, I have tons of energy and I have learned A LOT about skincare

. So I decided to give you guys snippets each week of what I’ve been doing to prep. Maybe you have a big event coming up too, but if not, these tips are great to practice in general.

Starting with the workouts:

First let me say that I actually do every single one of Olivia’s workouts when I’m at home — especially her Beach Body Workout. I decided to start personal training because I have a tendency to cheat in workout classes and needed major accountability. I picked Amzie Williams at Shed Fitness because 1.) I have been working out with him for the past 8 years, and 2.) he encourages me to push through a workout without being intimidating or dramatic. (Keep reading for a free class at Shed.)

I asked him to explain what he’s been doing to train me and give you guys a workout that you can do at home.

A message from Amzie.

April has been on a 4 day a week workout plan of high intensity interval training (HIIT) that are 30-40 minutes in duration. 2-3 of the workouts per/wk were cardio based. In the beginning we focused on full body workouts, but as the wedding is fast approaching, we tailored it down and focused more on her target areas, which are the front of her legs, triceps, and stomach. We would super-set the muscle groups (doing two different exercises back to back), then follow it up with a high intensity dynamic movement (squat jumps or burpees) or an isometric hold to failure.

April’s Last Workout

Shed Workout5

Legs with kettle bells (April uses 27 lb kettle bell)

– 20 kettlebell squats

– super set (which means go straight into) 20 kettle bell swings without stopping

– 30 sec break

Repeat 3x

At the end of this round: one set of 20 jump squats with no weight.

Shed Workout7

Abs (you can find an outside element or use a dip bar)

– 10 leg raises, on the 10th rep hold legs at the top for 10 secs

– superset (meaning go straight into) high knee run in place for 30 seconds

– 30 sec break

Repeat 3x

– At the end of this round, a 1-minute plank

Shed Workout2

Shed Workout

Biceps and Chest

– 20 bicep curls

– superset with 20 band chest flys

– 30 sec break

Repeat 3x

-At the end of this round: one set of 10 burpees

Shed Workout1

Shed Workout3

Legs and Triceps

– 15 band tricep kickbacks with a 10 second hold on the last rep

– superset with 15 split squat (each leg) with a 15 second low pulse on the last rep

– 30 sec break

Repeat 3x

-At the end of this round do one set of 20 jump lunges

*If you have never been to Shed before and live in Nashville, get one free class with code velvetsedge. Just give the front desk girl that code. 

April’s Diet

The focus has been on limiting carbs and adding protein.  April isn’t much of a meat eater so making sure we were adding protein was an adjustment.  We started adding lean protein in the morning and for 3 days a week, cutting out carbs after 4:00 pm.  April has never had a problem with portion control, so it was just getting our Macros correct.

Her carb and protein intake: 1/2 vegetables, 1/4 Protein, 1/4 Carbs.

Thanks to Amzie at Shed. Go see him. It’s worth it.

Look for my wedding skincare tips next week.


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