In the News: Shit You Should Know

It’s Shit You Should Know Wednesday so let’s dive in.

Louisville basketball is making headlines this week after a woman named Katina Powell claims she provided strippers and prostitutes for recruiting visits to the university from 2010-2014. While the entire account is illegal and gross (read it here), I’m most disturbed by the fact that she brought her three daughters into this mess. Prostituting your own daughters for a buck is horrible,  but outing your daughters as prostitutes to make a buck might be worse. I couldn’t possibly speculate on what these young women are currently doing in their professional careers—except that it probably doesn’t offer health benefits.

Louisville Head Coach Rick Pitino—a man who found himself in the middle of an extortion attempt after having sex in a restaurant with a woman who was not his wife—claims he didn’t know his recruits were being entertained by strippers in the campus athletic dorm. I, for one, believe him. THERE’S ABSOLUTELY NO REASON to assume he would be involved in something so seedy.

Adele is reportedly releasing a new album in November just in time for break-up season. The new soundtrack to your tears will be impressively depressing if this short preview is any indication. I think I speak for all of us when I say I look forward to crying myself to sleep while contemplating dying alone. Thanks, Adele.

What I hate this week: Colds. I despise mornings anyway, because I’m not a sociopath, but this morning I have the Worst Cold in the History of Colds—that’s an official medical diagnosis and not made-up at all. Obviously this is terrible, but the worst part is nobody wants to hang out with me. I haven’t seen another human being in 3 days.

I guess what I’m saying is, I need new friends.

And also that Mucinex is the only cold medicine worth taking. Shit You Should Know just changed your life.

What I love this week: Drake’s new video for Hotline Bling. The internet is going to town on Drake’s dance moves, but I’m obsessed. I actually giggled watching Drake’s salsa moves and awkward hand gestures. Move over The Quan, this is a dance made for white people. Skip to 2:27 in the video to witness Drake do The Carlton.

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