How to Kitchen Shelfie

In my own kitchen, I didn’t want closed cabinets. To me, it can be kind of boring. So I opted for open shelving. The problem with open shelving is figuring out how to not waste space and put things on the shelves that you would normally put in a closed cabinet. AND making it look pretty. Here is how I styled my own kitchen shelves:


Step 1:

Dishes have to go somewhere, whether it’s in the cabinets or thrown in your sink. Why not display them on your shelves. I used my bowls because they are easy to stack. But any dishes will do.

Step 2:

Look for useful textures in your kitchen that are taking up cabinet and drawer space (sugar, wooden spoons, coffee grinds, dog treats etc.) You can put these textures in jars and display them.

Step 3:

Find a small piece of art or a picture that you took on a vacation and stack it behind your dishes. This will add an artistic touch. Art is always needed in my opinion:)

Step 4:

I love my Le Crueset casserole dishes and don’t want to hide them. So open shelves are the perfect way to display them.

Step 5:

Flowers die. They can be exhausting. So for open shelves you can use succulents or dried lavender. They are pretty and have no to low maintenance.

Step 6:

If you have some small plates that have some pattern and interest, such as in your china set that are collecting dust in your attic, pull them out and display them.

I would love to see pictures of your shelfies.


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