How April Wore It: 23 weeks and maxi dresses it is

I feel like I need to preface this post with I’m 23 weeks and have gained 23 lbs. EEK! So yes there are days, most days, where I look in the mirror and think I am headed in a Kim K and Jessica Simpson direction.

For you non-preggo gals who want to skip the below pregnancy blurb… this outfit is NON-MATERNITY. So shop away.

For you girls in the preggo boat with me, I have been looking very hard for outfits that are truly flattering. I ask for help from friends, Lori had a hand in this outfit inspo. Thx Lolo. I continue to do these post, despite self esteem issues, to save all of you preggo gals some time in scouring the internet trying to find clothes. But I don’t want to discourage anyone who doesn’t have weekly photoshoots with amazing photographers that really help make these pictures look good, because I truly struggle with pregnancy everyday. I still have some minor nausea and major heartburn and back pain. Most days, I don’t wear any makeup and the only way my hair looks remotely good is because of these hair extensions. So please know that I don’t look like this every day. Pregnancy has been an uncomfortable road for me and every time someone tells me that they felt the best they ever have felt in life, I want to punch them in the face. But as I have mentioned before I have very close friends that struggle with infertility so I try to stay thankful and positive because I could not be more happy to meet Everly.

Now that that is off my growing chest, here is my truly comfy look for the week. When I wear maxi dresses these days, I typically tie something around my waist for obvious reasons.

green dress 6 green dress 5 green dress 8 green maxi dress1 green maxi dress green maxi dress3

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My Look

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