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Happy Thursday, everyone. A day late is better than never right?

Pokemon Go is a thing now. I struggled with whether this qualified as shit you should know, but then the game started infiltrating my Instagram feed, which is traditionally just selfies and pictures of shoes. So what is it? Pokemon Go is a game that uses a phone’s gps to help the player walk to physical locations in order to find and collect Pokemon. And what is a Pokemon? I have no idea. Because I had friends in high school.

I’m not super excited about stepping in the shit pile that is the nation’s biggest news stories this week, but here’s a brief summary. Two black men, one in Louisiana and one in Minnesota, were shot and killed by police last week, setting off protests around the country. Then 5 officers were killed in Dallas by a lone shooter during a previously peaceful protest. I’m hearing this viewpoint more often lately, but it IS possible to both support police AND believe that black people shouldn’t fear a minor encounter with law enforcement escalating into a tragic one… just because of the color of their skin.

Jennifer Aniston wrote an op-ed in the Huffington Post about the damaging standards tabloids place on women. Or more specifically, the standards placed on her due to constant speculation over the status of her uterus. While this happens to most female stars, the pressure on Aniston has been particularly brutal since Brad Pitt left her for Mother Earth incarnate. No matter how rich and hot and talented you are, there’s always someone else who’s richer, hotter, and more talented. So why even try, I think to myself as I eat another piece of pizza.

What I love this week: Differin is now available over the counter, making it the very first non-prescription retinoid. This is bad news for acne and wrinkles and good news for those of us who have them. It’s probably also bad news for dermatologists but who would feel sorry for them? That’s as ridiculous as pitying Jennifer Aniston.

See you next week.


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