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I have gone into full blown nesting mode….ALREADY. Pretty much every Saturday I’m organizing every drawer in my home. But organizing certain spaces can be so overwhelming, and this is where The Home Edit comes in. They are two Nashville gals that started this business and have worked with many of my clients. If you can afford them, DO IT. If you can’t, they were sweet enough to give our VE readers some tips.

If you visit their insta @the_home_edit you can see the hundred of spaces they have organized. I picked the kitchen below and asked for tips that would correspond with that space.
 Photo by Elsie Larson
1) Clear the clutter and keep only the items you actually love and use. If you have duplicates taking up space, donate them! They are better used by someone who may not have as much, than taking up space in your kitchen.
2) Uniformity is key. For this space, we transitioned everything to matching jars (even the spices) for a clean look that’s as functional as it is well designed. Target, Amazon and Container Store are great places to find matching jars and storage. We also sell a pantry kit with custom spice jars that might help with uniformity. Check it out here.
home edit2
3) Pick your color palette and stick with it. If you like white and brass, carry that through all of your choices and add accent colors that highlight your space. If you like more neutral colors, or stainless steel, pick coordinating pieces that will match your overall aesthetic.
4) Don’t be afraid to make a mess when you are organizing your space. You really have to go through every single thing and assess whether it’s worth keeping – so it means taking EVERYTHING out as you go through the process.
5) Labeling is one of the most important steps to maintaining organization. Labels aren’t just for looks, they act as a set of instructions and hold you accountable for putting things away correctly. Check out our labels that you can order straight from our site, our clients love them.
home edit home edit1
6) Open shelving is a gorgeous addition to a kitchen, but it can be a slippery slope if not styled correctly. Keep the items you use all the time on a lower accessible shelf, and make sure they have a designated home that they are always properly returned to. Keep the remainder of the shelf for entertaining or decorative pieces that are rarely used. It will keep the shelves looking finished and styled for the long-term.
7) Interior spaces are just as important as the open spaces. Use inserts for drawers to separate kitchen tools, and don’t over-cram your cabinets with pots and pans. If you respect the amount of space you have, you’ll enjoy it more.
8) Think about the needs of your family when you’re organizing a space. Keep unbreakable items down low, sharp objects in a drawer, spices and essentials in arm’s reach, and so on. The key to maintaining a space is to set-up a system that is manageable for your lifestyle.
9) Remove mismatched dishes and glasses so that you only keep complete sets. Your cabinets will instantly look neat and organized.
10) Create stations that bring you some extra joy. If you love coffee, make a spot for your favorite mugs and a jar of coffee beans, if you love to cook, display your cookbooks in color-order. If you make morning smoothies, create bins of supplements and ingredients.

What great tips huh? Well y’all know I’m getting the pantry kit and labels and tearing my kitchen apart this weekend. Ha.
Here are some of my favorite organizing products.
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