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Welcome back to Shit You Should Know. It’s election day, so I compiled a brief summary of the reasons (both factual and insane) people think your candidate sucks.

Hillary Clinton stayed married to a womanizer through a very public sex scandal and sexual harassment allegations. She is a career politician. She took 10 days to label the attack on the American embassy in Benghazi a terrorist attack, which led to the private server scandal that keeps popping up like a game of national security whack-a-mole. She dresses like she’s planning to succeed President Snow as the next leader of Panem. Which is appropriate, because she struggles to connect on a human level and is profoundly unlikable to many.

Donald Trump is a small-minded, small-handed bigot with questionable business practices. He has made a deliberately undisclosed sum of money selling his gaudy brand to people with bad taste. He was an absentee father to at least one of the five children he has with three different women. His tweets are inflammatory and childish. He subscribes to the idea that if you tell a lie repeatedly, it becomes the truth. And perhaps worst of all for readers of a women’s fashion blog, he manages to look sloppy in $10,000 suits.

Happy voting.

Here’s a pallet cleanser of stories to remind you that good exists in the world, and the future doesn’t hang on the result of today’s election.

Just kidding, of course it does! I’ve stockpiled canned chili and dog food (interchangeable really), so my pup and I will see you in 4 years.

Class Pass is canceling its unlimited option. My workouts consist of moving small weights around for a total of 5 minutes and resting for 20, so this doesn’t really affect me. But my understanding from fitter friends is this is a BIG DEAL. My thoughts and prayers are with the Pure Barre and Orange Theory communities during this difficult time.

A recent study has confirmed what anyone with a faulty bladder and a sex life already knew: cranberries can’t cure a UTI. But this study went a step further and concluded that they can’t prevent a UTI either. Throw out your cranberry pills, and find a doctor with a low barrier for antibiotic prescribing instead. (Also, SYSK just linked to a JAMA article. Don’t underestimate the journalistic integrity of this column.)

What I love this week: An athletic department has decided to send the message to its male athletes that women are people. Harvard canceled the remainder of its men’s soccer season after discovering the team has been making a sexually explicit and demeaning book of the female soccer players for the last 4 years. Unfortunately, the article comments are predictably angry and filled with people who can’t see the difference between finding a woman attractive and systematically objectifying her body to her peers.

Have a great week everyone. Or, at the very least, try really hard. ??


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