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Good afternoon! It’s 85 degrees in Nashville today, and it’s not even summer. I’m not complaining (yet) but this is a shameless plea to garner invitations to the lake. Thanks in advance.

Meghan Trainor pulled her latest annoying music video offline after fans noticed that her body was altered to look thinner in some scenes. I didn’t even know this was a thing you could do… trust nothing and no one. Anyway, the new unaltered video is up now if you have some compulsion to see Trainor’s booty-booty in its natural form.

Uber and Lyft have pulled out of Austin, TX over legislation that requires them to run fingerprint background checks on drivers. The companies say that they already perform effective background checks and the fingerprint scans are a costly and time-intensive obstacle to signing up new drivers. While I understand both sides of this standoff, let’s not lose sight of the real victims here: the reluctant designated drivers who must step up during these trying times. Pray for Austin.

The Summer Olympics in Rio begin in 3 months, and the next global outbreak will (probably) begin shortly afterward. Physicians at Harvard are advocating for postponing or moving the games due to Brazil’s massive Zika outbreak. The virus has no cure and has increasingly been linked to neurological disorders in both adults and unborn babies. In fact, every week there’s a new article about how much worse the virus is than previously thought. Here’s another one.

I don’t know if the games should be moved, but here’s something to consider…does Rio have Uber? If not, then the answer is clear.

What I hate this week: Jennifer Lopez’s new single, Ain’t Your Mama. And the video. And just Jennifer Lopez in general.

This is a song about a woman who’s been working all day, or cooking all day, or doing her man’s laundry all day. I’m not really sure but remember how they used to be SO IN LOVE?  Basically, I have no idea wtf this song is about and neither does Jenny from the block. But all that is beside the point. Because you know who else shouldn’t be doing a grown man’s laundry?


Happy Wednesday, ladies. I’ll see you next week.


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