Removable Wallpaper Round-up

I’m a huge wallpaper fan. So much so, that I pitch wallpaper to almost ever client. I love how much it can transform a space. BUT most people are really scared of committing to wallpaper or they are in an older generation and it reminds them of their bad childhood wallpaper. No doubt my generation will regret many design trends that we have embraced but regretting trends is what makes the world go round. I mean what kind of laughter would I miss out on if I didn’t have those shameful elementary school photos of my three layers of curled bangs.

Recently, I have been looking into removable wallpaper for people that can’t commit to normal wallpaper, as well, as looking for my nursery. So below is my removable wallpaper roundup.

Some of my other favorite vendors for removable wallpaper are:

The Wall Sticker Company


Chasing Paper

Walls Need Love

Let me know your faves!




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