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Welcome back to Shit You Should Know.  I hope your Valentine’s Day went well and you didn’t get dumped or, worse, proposed to.  But if you did, CONGRATULATIONS.  Best of luck on your new lives together… or apart.

The Grammys aired on Monday night.  I watched the entire 3 hour broadcast waiting for Rihanna to show up but apparently she had a breakdown bronchitis.  Instead Pitbull closed out the show because, despite the wishes of an entire nation, his musical career won’t die.  Here’s a summary of the night’s best moments, including Taylor Swift going all Regina George on Kanye during her acceptance speech.  The world anxiously awaits Kanye’s response, but the inevitable conclusion to this beef is Taylor releasing a diss track.

Spring trend alert: Zika virus is the new West Nile.  The virus is contracted through mosquitoes and causes fever, rash and joint pain in those who experience symptoms.  However, the most significant risk is to pregnant women, as it may cause fetal abnormalities.  Right now Zika virus is mostly contained to South and Central America, but there’s concern that it will spread once temperatures warm up and mosquitoes become active.  My question is, how are we slowly killing off the polar bears and big cats but can’t find a way to eliminate these flying dirty hypodermic needles?

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was found dead at the age of 79 in Texas last week.  Justice Scalia was well-known for his conservative principles and his devastating dissents—notably disagreeing with the Court’s decision last year on gay marriage rights.  The internet has managed to turn the death of a 79 year old with health problems into a conspiracy theory.  These theories are insane but still somehow not as stupid as a former presidential candidate and member of Congress believing Scalia’s first name is Anthony.

What I hate this week:  18-year-old Malachi Love-Robinson was just arrested for impersonating a doctor in a clinic in Florida.  This latest incident comes after “Dr. Love” was removed from a hospital for a similar offense last January and then issued a cease and desist for practicing massage therapy without a license in October.

Way to kill a kid’s dream, Florida.  Why require someone with this kind of natural talent and ambition to go to college?  Some people just have it, and Dr. Love is ready to turn pro.  Let’s stop throwing meaningless obstacles like degrees and board-certification in his path.

What I love this week:  The weather forecast calls for nation-wide warmer temperatures starting tomorrow and lasting through the weekend.  If you get nothing else from today’s Shit You Should Know, heed my advice and take off work Friday when it’s supposed to be 67 and sunny in Nashville.  You can be responsible again when it’s raining.

See you next week!


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