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Welcome back to Shit You Should Know. Last night I attended a Christian music industry holiday party, so obviously I’m hungover this morning. The house was lovely, the food was great, and the hairstyles were… ambitious. In the words of April, it was a phenomenal “hair-watching” opportunity. Not trying to make you jealous but…there was a double man-braid.

The site Humans of New York is doing an entire series on refugees hoping to come to the United States. Their stories are sad and important. Go read them. It’s easy to ignore politicians arguing over terrorism, but there are real people at the center of this horrible situation.

Some movie about space comes out this weekend, if that interests you nerds.

The FOURTH (why?) Republican primary debate was last night. No doubt you had better things to do, so here is a list of the best quotes from the evening. Or you can watch it on video. My favorite line was Carly Fiorina saying, “I fought my way to the top of corporate America while being called every b-word in the book.”

Let’s compile our own list of b-words: babe, beauty, baller, buddy, badass, boss. These don’t seem so bad, Carly. Did I miss one?

What I hate this week: Only 8 more shopping days until Christmas. If you’re headed to the mall, get started now and you might make it into the parking garage by Monday. This year I asked myself, what would Jesus do? Then ordered everything online. (Disclaimer: I don’t actually know what Jesus would do. That was just a guess.)

What I love this week: Serial Season 2 just started. This season follows the story of Bowe Bergdahl, a U.S. soldier who was captured by the Taliban after abandoning his post in Afghanistan.

Season 1 was a national sensation, following a mostly unknown Baltimore murder case from the late 90s. If you haven’t heard it and need something to keep you occupied during your holiday travels, the entire season is available here.

See you next week, B-WORDS.


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