Mod Christmas Wrapping

I love everything simple and neutral. This year I applied that concept to Christmas wrapping. If you’re wanting to add a touch  of ‘mod’ to your Christmas wrapping, it is SO EASY. All you need is a few options of twine or ribbon, white and black wrapping, a marker, and any little neutral ornaments you can find. Keep scrolling for directions and the exact products that I used.


Christmas wrapping3 Christmas wrapping2Christmas wrapping1 Christmas wrapping


1. Wrap the present in black or white matte paper.

2. Wrap the paper in different types of twine,, but wrap some in tons of twine and some very minimally.

3. Use tree trimmings and small neutral ornaments to add a little charm. Some of the paper made ornaments can serve as name tags…bonus.

4. For the more plain packages, grab a sharpie and draw a star or stripe or really anything you want.

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My outfit.

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Skirt and booties:


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