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Welcome back to Shit You Should Know. We skipped last week and now I know who really loves me because they texted when I didn’t post anything. The rest of you I’ve already unfollowed on Instagram.

Instead of its usual lineup of mostly nude super models, the 2016 Pirelli calendar features a wide array of accomplished women, including Amy Schumer, Patti Smith, and Serena Williams. The resulting photos portray women who are interesting and authentic and complex and, yes, beautiful.

Here’s an important PSA on how to pluralize your last name before mailing your annual family holiday card. Hint: it never includes an apostrophe.

There are only 3 northern white rhinos left in the world after the 4th, named Nola, recently passed at 41 years old. She was the only one of her kind not living in Kenya. Alternatively, there are 7.3 billion people in the world.  That’s a lot of people even if 99% of them are undatable. Just something to consider the next time you’re feeling lonely. RIP, Nola.

In honor of Thanksgiving, I’m doing away with what I hate this week, choosing to focus on what I love instead. This will be hard, but we’ll get through it.

What I love this week: 

The absolute BEST over-the-knee boots that aren’t $700 . These will go great with a NYE dress or a Santa costume or Olivia’s newest workout gear. Wear them to the gym if you want! Work on your core strength. (Note: I am not a fitness professional.)

The new Game of Thrones promo featuring Jon Snow. HE’S ALIVE. Or undead. Or still dead. Nobody really knows but I believe.

My heart to the first guy I see wearing a glitter beard.

There are 3 whole months before you have to wear a bikini again—5 if you skip spring break. Winter isn’t all bad.

Jason Momoa in The Red Road. Purrrrrrrr.

The badass 4 year old girl I adopted from the Angel Tree who wants a skateboard for Christmas. If you’re in Nashville, there’s still time to adopt your own angel here.

See you next week when I’ll start hating on things again. You have my word.


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