5 ways to decorate with your extra tree trimmings

If you read VE often, you might know that I do interior design for a living. That knowledge might lead you to believe that I am a great home maker – not even close. Yes, I like design but I don’t like to wander around my house trying to think of ways to make every corner feel like Christmas. I wish I did. Luckily, I have creativity and a minimal aesthetic on my side. I’m convinced that if you have a live Christmas tree and a lot of white lights you can do so many things to create a modern, minimal Christmas-y home.

Here are 5 ways that I use cuts from my tree to make my home feel more like Christmas.

1. If you have company coming over, whip out your dishes and cut a piece of your tree and lay it on your place setting. That simple.

tree trimmings3

2. If you have an old flower vase and some twine, you can make an all natural christmas centerpiece.

tree trimmings2

3. To add an organic touch to your gifts, slip a little tree branch into your ribbon or twine.

tree trimmings5

tree trimmings1

4. If you have a bar cart, grab some of your taller glasses and slip a piece of pine into them. You will be ready to make this Juniper Champagne Cocktail Recipe by Martha Stewart.

tree trimmings

5. To your cake or cheese plate tray, simply lay your trimmings on the platters.

tree trimmings4


Hope this helps all of you have a Merry Modern Christmas.


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