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The first college football playoff rankings of the season were just released. The top 4 teams in the country according to the committee are Clemson, LSU, Ohio State and Alabama, in that order. One-loss Alabama’s inclusion over several undefeated teams (most notably Baylor) has been controversial, but I think it’s just a nice thing to do. Give Alabama a college football playoff spot—they have nothing else.

The annual CMA awards are tonight. The most exciting news is that Justin Timberlake will perform with the best voice in country music, Chris Stapleton. This pairing makes a lot more sense than the baffling decision to have Ariana Grande perform with Little Big Town on last year’s show. Will Miranda and Blake both attend? Which hip hop artist will make an appearance? Will Kip Moore wear sleeves? Find out tonight on ABC.
What I hate this week: Daylight savings time. The sun sets at 4:47 pm this evening. That’s 47 minutes after I have my first drink of the day. If there’s anything sadder than drinking alone, it’s drinking alone in the dark. And who actually benefits from an extra hour of sunlight at 6am? Velvet’s Edge official endorsement for President goes to the candidate who vows to fix this.
What I love this week: Blackberry Farms. I’ve spent the last three nights with my friend Sarah at this 4200 acre luxury resort in Walland, TN. Last night we had a world class meal from a visiting Michelin 2-star chef. Afterward, while discussing the chef’s upcoming trip to Nashville, I suggested he hit up Robert’s Western World for a fried bologna sandwich.
Just a couple of culinary experts trading restaurant recommendations.
Happy Wednesday y’all. We have less than 7 hours of daylight left so get your shit together.

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