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I don’t live by any sort of rules. I wear white after labor day. I’m short and refuse to wear super tall heels to make people “think” I’m taller, because we’re all suppose to be super model tall right? I eat carbs like pasta days before my wedding and I know that is just plain wrong.¬†I cuss. I cuss A LOT. Although that is probably my top vice. But I actually do have a few rules about design, especially rugs. So if you’ve been struggling with rugs, I hope these guidelines and rug suggestions help.

My Rules

1. All chair legs should go on the rug. That doesn’t mean you should move the furniture to fit on the rug, but you should get a rug big enough to be the foundation for your furniture. This does not apply to beds. I usually put the rug right in front of the side table and it should roll under the lower legs and past the bed by a few feet. But the side table should not sit on it. Confusing? I know.

2. I don’t believe in red rugs unless it’s an Oushak. If you don’t know what that means, the best rule is to just not use red. I try to not use primary colors in rugs. It is such a bold color, you can get stuck trying to design around it (unless you are a designer and have a very specific plan).

3. If you use a large pattern on the floor, do not use a large pattern on your pillows. Mix up the scale of patterns in your space. Just in case you need some pillow ideas check out my last Pillow Talk post.

4. If you are in love with a rug and it’s too small you can lay it over a natural fiber rug (jute, sisal, etc)

5. If you are purchasing a wool rug, test the wool. If the wool rug comes off by just rubbing your hand over it, its not worth it. It’s like having a dog but no companionship. Just get another dog.

My favorite rugs (this excludes natural fiber rugs because I love natural fiber rugs)

(click on image below to shop)

Hope this helps. I would love to hear your thoughts and questions. I kind of live off interaction. ūüôā

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