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Happy Hallo-Wednesday everyone. Welcome back to Shit You Should Know.

A woman in Portland broke up a Planned Parenthood protest by chanting about yeast infections. Her actions, which also included high kicks, embarrassed the protesters to the point that they left, but not before a group of them initiated a prayer circle for her chronic yeast infections soul.

President Obama welcomed the US Women’s national soccer team to the White House yesterday in honor of their World Cup victory this summer. Serial domestic violence offender, Hope Solo, got no mention from the Pres, but he did thank the team for showing the world that “playing like a girl means you’re a badass.” He later apologized for saying the word badass. SIGH. I’m offended that anyone was offended by that.

Attention men of Nashville, Amy Schumer will be at Bridgestone Arena December 11. Buy your girl tickets and win her love forever. (Results may vary.) Single? Every woman in the city will be there so get your tickets now. I’m free that night, FYI. They go on sale at 10am today.

What I hate this week: Processed and red meat has been definitely, probably, maybe linked with higher rates of colorectal, pancreatic and prostate cancer. If you want to be confused then read that link. I’ll summarize here: Nothing is definitive so don’t panic, eat ham in moderation, and we’re all gonna die of cancer.

My New Year’s Resolution for the last 7 years has been to eat more bacon so I’ll probably go first.

Worth it.

What I love this week: Our boyfriend Sam Hunt is playing a free show in downtown Nashville tonight. The show starts at 6pm somewhere on 5th Ave. Just follow the crowd of crop-top and cowboy-boot wearing 19 year olds.

Have a great Halloween weekend. Can’t wait to see all the sexy cat costumes. Those never get old.


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