You should have a plant in your home.

Plants are all the craze right now, in the interiors world. I’m not saying plants are a new thing, but their moments have come and gone through the years. Right now, is their moment.

If you are like me, you don’t have time to keep up with one more thing. BUT, the truth is that plants can take care of you with little effort on your end. I’m three weeks away from getting married so that is the only kind of relationship I can add to my life right now.

I have four favorite plants (not including succulents.) The four I like best are darker in color, not so yellow green. And of course they are low maintenance. Lets start with mother in-laws tongue because I like the name and it gives off the most oxygen.

Plant post1


The mother in-laws tongue is the plant I have in my bedroom. It gives off a good amount of oxygen, and also absorbs toxins from the air. It requires low levels of light and can handle irregular watering. In fact, it doesn’t do well with over watering. This is the only non-needy life form that exists under my roof.

Plant post

I haven’t used this plant a ton because I lean toward fiddle leaf and mother in-laws tongue, but out of the plants, the ZZ plant comes right behind those two. It has great color, requires bright but indirect light, can handle low level light and most importantly doesn’t like a lot of water. The ZZ plant and I are pretty much exactly the same.




In the right conditions the rubber plant can grow large. You need to keep this plant in more of a bright light sitch. Keep the soil moist and mist it with warm water in the dry months. A little more needy than the other plants shown here but still very hard to kill.

Plant post3


My favorite plant, the fiddleleaf… great name. It’s a form of a fig tree. It can handle bright, indirect light and requires little water. You should water when the soil is dry or if the leaves start turning under. If leaves start to yellow and drop it could be due to over-watering. So just don’t do that.

Hope this helps you on your journey of planting your home. I just google everything so if you get a plant or two and something goes wrong, remember this little tool called google. It can help you on your green thumb path.



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