Velvet’s Edge Podcast Recap: Episode 1

I honestly cannot believe the day is here and the VE podcast is officially launched! I feel both extremely excited and also like I could possibly throw up. You know when you hear your voice play back on an answering machine message and it makes you cringe and scream out loud to try and make it stop? That’s a little description of one thing I am feeling right now, BUT mostly just so excited for a new journey. I hope you go on this journey with me, I think the voice cringe thing will probably get a lot better. ūüėČ

Find the VE Podcast here!

Episode 1 Recap:


Someone who finds it hard to be happy with their work unless it is of a very highstandard. For example, if a perfectionist gets a B grade, they think they have failed as they feel that it’s not good enough.¬†It can be self-destructive and time wasting as perfectionists often procrastinate to avoid doing important tasks in what they see as a substandard way.¬†They push themselves beyond the normal limits to achieve their goals and peopleare sometimes surprised by what they can accomplish.¬†Perfectionists do not deal well with pressure and close deadlines, particularly when the work is important, as they feel they do not have enough time to make their work ‘perfect’ and therefore be happy with it.
If you are like me and struggle with perfectionism, try some of our tips in the podcast for overcoming that bullsh*t
1.Positive self affirmations.
Google ‘positive self affirmations,’ cut up individual affirmations and stick them in a ziplock bag. Pull one affirmation each day, like a daily vitamin. Click here for a good site!
2.Tony Robbins.

People like Tony Robbins and Brene Brown aren’t paid to speak around the world for nothing. Find out about yourself. Maybe you uncover something going on internally that’s causing perfectionist thoughts. It’s all about growth. Do it.

3.Mood/Vision Board. 
The power of manifesting may not be that you are controlling the universe, but manifesting does help you to set goals. What do you want? Half the battle is figuring out what you even want for your life or year. Once you do, put it on your vision board and start making it happen!
my current mood board. Atleast I’ve gotten further than just Taylor Kitsch???? ūüôā
4.Seek Inspiration. 
Don’t expect yourself to get through life just knowing how to do everything. That’s a perfectionist worst nightmare, way too much pressure. Look for ideas, get the creative juices flowing, do not be a mental loafer and then expect yourself to perform at overly extreme levels.
5.Listen to music that inspires or grounds you.
I get it, “How Many F**ks Do I give” by Erica Jayne, might not be what gets you pumped up to take on the day. However, whatever song it is, have a little jam session, dance it out, release those fears and MOVE FORWARD.
In closing, here is that fancy water we were talking about……click the pic to shop!

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