Natural Deodorant Review & Update

If you are a long time follower of VE, you know that I made the switch to natural deodorant back in November. I decided to make the switch because I kept reading about all of the negative effects of aluminum (in regular deodorant) and how it was being heavily linked to breast cancer in women. I did a two week detox (no deodorant at all) before I started on the natural train – read all about that process here.

I was very worried about smelling terribly, but once I started I have to say that it has been a mostly positive experience. I did notice a little bit of a sour smell during the detox, but mostly just when I would work out. I completely buy in to the statement that what you are putting into your body is also what’s going to come out. Seriously. If I eat a bunch of processed foods or drink a lot in a week, I notice a serious shift in my scent. It’s crazy. In fact, what has sparked this update is that the sour smell I mentioned above has been happening a lot lately. I obviously don’t want to stink, so I’ve been investigating into why that would be happening. I started wondering if each natural deodorant is good for awhile and then needs to be changed out. Like your body adjusts and overrides. Sadly, I wasn’t able to find any info on that, but did switch my deodorants 2 weeks ago and have not noticed a scent since. I asked a few of my friends, who also wear natural deodorant, and they said the same thing happened to them. So, it’s not a scientific theory by any means, but it may be a thing.

So what can you do??

Here is what is working for me:

  1. The natural deodorant that I initially started with worked very well for almost 6 months. The tube was almost gone, so it was perfect timing to just try a new one. I will keep you posted on how long my new deodorant works, but I may just be switching out every 6 months or when each deodorant runs out.
  2. Eat a clean diet. Truly, truly, truly, this matters. I also notice a big difference when I am drinking a lot of water and adding chlorophyll into my water atleast once a day. When your insides are clean, your outsides will be too. Click the pic below to shop the chlorophyll drops I use. 
  3. Reduce stress. When I was researching about whether or not natural deodorants stopped working over time, the number one thing I consistently found was that the stress hormone can cause your body odor to change….and not in a good way. It’s a lot easier to say “reduce stress” then to actually do it, but it did make me start to take a look at the last few weeks when I thought my deodorant wasn’t working anymore. I don’t think it’s just a fluke that I was highly stressed during that time.

A lot of you ask which deodorant I wear:

To start, I was using Primally Pure’s Lavender scent. Find that here. I would still highly recommend this one. I love that it comes in a stick form and it smells amazing. It worked very well for me for a good chunk of time.

Now, I have made the switch to Milk & Honey’s Coconut Lemongrass paste. I do prefer a stick to the paste, just because I don’t like having to use my fingers. However, this deodorant is worth it because it smells really fresh and is working very well. Find it here.

Comment below with any questions!

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  1. Hi Kelly! Did you have trouble with a rash/reaction to the natural deodorant when you first switched? I’ve tried Native and Primally Pure and they both make my pits red and itchy! ??

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