VE Podcast Recap: How To Stay Organized with The Home Edit

I’m a little behind on getting this podcast recap up. Such is life, I suppose! This week has been cray.

If you didn’t already listen to my podcast with the girls from The Home Edit, make sure and do that ASAP. They are hilarious and so fun, plus they give some awesome tips for where to start with organization, in your home and in life in general.

I did want to make sure and link the bag they talked about using inside of their purses. I told the girls that one of the main places of disorganization for me is my purse. The bigger the bag, the worse it gets! They then told me about the cutest bags from The Daily Edited, that are chic and can be personalized and make great inserts for your purse to keep things organized and together. You can shop these little pouches here!

Also, follow The Home Edit on Instagram here for awesome organization tips and updates on their book release and show debut! You can also find their website, shop their products and read their blog here.

If you haven’t listened to our podcast yet, you can on the media player below or just search ‘Velvet’s Edge’ wherever you listen to podcast!


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