VE Podcast with Mary Hilliard Harrington, Manager To Nashville’s Top Country Artist & All Around Boss Babe

I truly think one of my favorite things about having the VE podcast is getting to showcase how badass some of my friends are. Mary Hilliard Harrington is not necessarily a household name to most of you, but truth be told I feel like she should be. She is the one behind the scenes making acts like, Dierks Bentley and Elle King, into names you guys recognize.  Although all of her artist are extremely talented, there is SO much more that goes into being successful in the music industry than just talent. Let’s just say, if I was an artist, I would want Mary Hilliard Harrington running my show.

*A pic from the time we filmed for an episode of The Bachelor with Mary’s band LANCO. We obviously had different reactions to the kissing scene. (I was doing grooming for the band, Mary is their manager). Find that scene here.

If you haven’t listened to our podcast yet, 1. Do it ASAP and 2. you probably don’t know that she started her career working in publicity for Donald Trump. Obviously she told some interesting stories during our podcast chat, but we only slightly mentioned one at the end that from her days of working for Ms. Universe as Donald Trump’s publicist. This was the time she had to confirm to the world that one of the contestants featured in the pageants was actually a woman. I cannot stop laughing thinking about her defending this to the press. Find this article and all the details here.

Mary is currently one of the top managers at Red Light Management . She also founded Green Room PR and recently sold majority stake to move over to Red Light. Find that story here.

If you have any interest in what a music manager does on a day to day basis or how to become a strong, successful woman in any industry really, listen to this podcast. You can find the VE podcast wherever you listen to podcast or on the player below! So glad you guys are loving it! Keep the feedback coming!

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