How To: DIY Magazine Wall

I got a lot of messages about the wall in my bedroom and how we put it together. We did a brief breakdown on the VE Podcast mini sode, where we gave tips for home updates, but I wanted to give you guys a more detailed look.

When we got to this part of my bedroom, I just had a blank wall. We decided that instead of shelves, maybe wallpaper would be a cute option to give the room more variation. However, the more I looked at wall paper, the more I realized how expensive it can be to get something cute. This was the last update we made to my home, so I really wasn’t trying to spend a lot of money at that point.

My friend and interiors guru, Brittney Forrister came up this idea and it is still one of my favorite things to wake up to everyday in my place. It was little tedious, Britt did most of the placement, but overall, a very simple process.


To start we pulled black and white pics only from magazines. I chose black and white because I thought it would look chic and cool. Next Britt started laying the pics out on the wall. With this, I would suggest just diving right in. Find your favorite pics and start taping them onto wall. She would cut some of the pics up where we needed smaller ones or odd shapes, etc.

It took an afternoon basically. Put on the VE Podcast and go with it! ( Shameless plug)


This is the final result! It turned out most of the pics we pulled were of strong, bold women. Unintentional, but I’m obsessed with that aspect of it. It’s an amazing motivator to wake up to each morning! I also feel like this would be amazing in an office or studio.

Here is the tape I used! Click the pic to shop.

Hope this helps! Send me pics or questions to [email protected]!

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  1. I had the exact same wall in my room as a teen!!! And i did the guest room wall in old novel paper šŸ™‚ looks gorgeous Kell!

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