My Favorite Things This Week

I have put together some of my favorite things this week that I have found online shopping for some really cool shoots and I events I have coming up…

1. Eye Serum

This is a game changer. I have posted before about the eye pads that I will use if I wake up feeling puffy or looking tired (here) …well the same company created a serum that you can use under your eye in case you don’t have time to use the eye pads before you rush out the door or you need a mid-day fix. GENIUS.

2. Beauty Water

You guys know I love Vital Proteins collagen peptides because they are so good for my skin, hair and nails. This new product is packed with collagen, a probiotic to keep your gut healthy and also hyralonic acid, which is the number one product my aestician tells me we need for our skin. Hell yes to all of it.

3. Cute Loungewear

I posted on my instagram this week about how amazing these Spiritual Gangster sweatpants are. They are seriously the most comfortable things I have ever worn and they are cute–goals.

4. Transition Piece

Did you catch my post about transition outfits? Check it out here. Here is another great piece for this weird time in between seasons…

5. Camo Pants

Slowly continuing to warm up to the idea of camo. Feeling like these pants could be cute with a tank or tee, for a put together casual look.

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