Details of My Home Update

As I have said on Instagram(@velvetsedge) the last week, my home redux is getting so close to completion and I am just loving it. I wanted to go ahead and post some of my favorite details of areas that are done and also shop-able, duh. Can’t wait to show you guys the rest. It really is starting to feel like a new place just from small changes and re-arranging!

Couch Pillows

I talked about this last week, but simply changing the pillows on my couch has given the room a whole new feel. I wanted my place to feel like a similar feeling to the new Velvet’s Edge vibe, so the mix of pinks and blacks and navy really fit that vibe, as well as throwing in the furry and velvet materials.

Kitchen Walls

My kitchen does NOT have good storage. I needed cute ways to create storage, to decrease clutter and also act as decor. These shelves are literally $29 and so freaking cute and chic! I’m obsessed. The color is a mauve pink, again going with the VE vibe against this dark wall. I linked all of the products below! Click pics to shop!

In the bedroom the same thing went for the bed pillows as it did for the couch. Just a small change that has completely changed the feel of my bed. I love this velvet leopard pillow. Since the rest of the bed is very simple it looks edgy and cool, vrs. trashy or tacky. 

Duvet cover by Restoration Hardware. Find it here.

Bed and Pillow below! Click pics to shop!

Bedroom Dresser

I LOVE all the details here. We changed the lamp shade from a white shade to black, which immediately amped up the lamp and took it to the chic level. The mirror is from Wayfair, that I found on sale. Love a good sale. The rest is linked below! I love the ink art and the jewelry box full of things I wear often and really feel true to me!

Bedroom Wall

This wall was the most expensive part of the entire home redux. It is all tear sheets from magazines I got at Walgreens. I chose all black and white to keep it in my color palette. We simply used wall tape to arrange the pics all over the wall and then covered with matte Modge Podge to seal it in like wallpaper. I am absolutely obsessed and it really does change the entire feel of the entire room. 

Thank you to my friend Brittney Forrister for all of her creative ideas and help. This whole redux is because of her! Follow her on Instagram @brittlitt for more ideas!



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