My Favorite Things This Week: Getting A Good Night's Sleep


It’s the last week of January, which I have officially dubbed self-care month. I did not feel like it would be right to talk about self-care without mentioning the importance of a good night’s sleep. I truly believe and have found that sleep and being rested is 100% one of the best things you can do for self-care. It’s no secret that I don’t sleep well, I talk about it a lot on VE. If you have hardcore sleep issues like me, you can find some of my OG sleep tips here, but I also wanted to add some updates and cute PJs and sleep needs, because duh. Click the images to shop!

PS: I also just ordered a new mattress from Luft. It was time for me and can’t wait for a cozy new bed sitch. TEASER: Luft is letting me give a mattress away!! Details coming soon.


So cute, cozy and sleepover ready

Sheets // Pillowcases // Eye Masks


Pre Sleep Rituals

When I need a little help getting settled for the night I sometimes rely on a soaking bath, tea, or supplements.
After talking with my doctor we decided that I try taking a supplement at night to help with my sleep issues. I have a little sleep cocktail of supplements that my naturopath gave to me I am not a doctor, so I personally don’t know what would work for your body, but highly suggest natural medicine! It’s been a great help to me. I see Whitney at Essential Wellness in Nashville. You should always consult your doctor before starting any supplements.


Lunya Sleep Set





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