How To: Sleep Better

I truly believe sleep is so important. For beauty, for physical health and even emotional and mental stability. As much as I love sleep and could go on and on about it, I’m really not that good at it. I have a super hard time turning my brain off every night and then sleeping soundly throughout the night. I have always been wired that way, so over the years I have figured out a sleep method that works for me. I’m not gonna lie, I’m a little psycho about my sleep routine, but take what you like and leave the rest. Nighttime routines truly are about what works best for YOU.


As small as it sounds, drinking this night time tea before bed truly does help me relax and also sleep more deeply. I personally love the taste and just the activity of drinking something hot seems to be soothing at night.


If you have been following Velvet’s Edge for awhile, you know I see a homeopathic doctor in Nashville, who has me on supplements specific to my body’s needs. One of the areas she targets for me is sleep because I definitely need the help. If this is something you are interested in, I suggest finding a natural doctor in your area. If you are in Nashville, my doc is Whitney at Essential Wellness. Find her here.

Bath and Epsom Salt

Definitely one of my favorite things at night after a long day is an epsom salt bath. This is a great way to detox your body of all of the toxins we take in throughout the day, soothe your tired body and muscles and also calm your mind.

Sound Machine

I truly cannot sleep without a sound machine. Even when I travel, I use an app on my phone to help keep out noise. If you are a light sleeper like me, try a white noise. It can take a few days to get used to, but once you are it is one of the best ways to ensure a solid nights sleep without waking up consistently.

Black Out Curtains

Shockingly, I am very sensitive to light….I know…I know. So surprising. Adding a black out curtain behind my normal linen curtain has helped me to sleep a little later and not rise with the sun every morning.



Being comfortable is essential to a good nights sleep. Being comfortable and cute is just a bonus. Shop my favorite comfy, cute and affordable PJ options by clicking the pics below!

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