My Favorite Things This Week

It truly has been so exciting to me to see how much you guys love my favorite things post every week. It has made me pay way more attention to the stuff I am really loving. Here are my picks for this week. Click the pics to be taken to the product!

Root Touch Up

I finally got my hair done this week, but this product is a LIFE SAVER between hair appointments to cover my grey roots. Yep. I said grey. Such a buzz kill. 

More Nude

I told you guys I was super into nude right now. I posted about this sweater duster earlier this week on my Instagram (@velvetsedge). It is the perfect weight for this transitional weather this time of year and can be worn with black, white, grey or more nude to create the monochromatic vibe I talked about earlier this week. Find that post here!

Bathroom Update

A quick and easy way to update your bathroom is the bath mat. Plus, if you are anything like me, these get pretty nappy pretty fast. Love this one for a cheeky bathroom vibe.

Makeup Organizer

I posted about this case on my Instastory yesterday and I’m still very into it. I am contemplating sliding it into the side pocket of my suitcase to keep my makeup organized while I travel. Will keep you posted, but it says “made for travel.” I started thinking about how great that would be to open up this organized case on the road, vrs. digging through a messy makeup bag. Click here for case. (that link has a discounted price btw). Also, it can hold a lot more than I had in it when I took this pic. I was just testing it out.

Natural Toothpaste

I am really trying to use as many natural products as I can…deodorant, toothpaste… This toothpaste cleans your teeth and is minus the fluoride, which we actually do not need more of in our bodies. You can read all about the scary parts of fluoride here, trust me, it may change your mind about your toothpaste.


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  1. Hi! Love your posts. I follow you on Instagram and look at your website from time to time. As a pediatrician, let me just tel you that fluoride can literally save lives. I take care of so many kids that for different reasons have tooth decay. While the reason for the decay may vary and certainly most of the time are due to poor decisions in the first place, fluoride has been found in multiple studies to help with morbidity from teeth decay. I am all for clean living, but let’s be clear. Fluoride would need to ingested in large quantities to be considered poisonous. Painting this one element with a wide negative brush is not necessarily helpful to the community. It is so hard to write a post without being negative (sorry if I am coming across as negative) but until Mama Natural earns a PhD or even attempts to understand chemical composition of elements etc I think I will continue to follow the recommendations of the American Academy of Dentistry. We can not afford decades or research (a loosely used word oftentimes as one typically has to conduct control based experiments for us to able to call something research) to go by wasted due to loud people’s restricted understanding.

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