My Favorite Things This Week

I used to post my favorite things all the time, not really sure why I stopped, but tonight I decided that I am bringing it back. I really enjoy telling you guys about all the things that I love, it’s exciting to me. I also feel like when I talk about how much I love something it makes me feel more grateful. Does that make sense? I’ve been laid up on the couch all day not feeling that great and just looking around thinking about the stuff in my place that I LOVE or that has helped me this week. Just makes me happy.

I’m also going to use this post to tell you about the stuff I’m drooling over, because daydreaming about them really does make me so excited.

So, here are the items that I am just loving this week:

Black and White Check Coat

I have posted about this coat a few times on my Instagram and I’m going to do it again. Yep. I’m feeling wild y’all. The truth is though that every time I post I get SO many messages about it and I understand why because it is so freaking cute. The thing I always respond with though is the price, because it’s actually really affordable as well. Two things I LOVE to find in a coat. Click the pic below to shop.

Black Elderberry Syrup

If you watched my instastories tonight you know that I have a throat infection. Such a bummer. Everyone in Nashville has been extremely sick and I wish that I had starting taking this elderberry syrup earlier this week to help out my immune system. I am taking it now to help fight off whatever I can, but it’s also been helpful when I use it as maitenence during cold and flu season. Click the pic below to shop.

Leopard Lumbar Pillow

I don’t like stacking a ton of pillows on my bed. Basically, I prefer one big pillow that is different from my duvet cover and other pillows on my bed. I just ordered this one to go on my navy bed, with a white duvet and pillow shams. I freaking LOVE it. I can’t wait to get pictures done of my place so that I can show you guys all the amazingness, but for now, check out this pillow. I’m pretty sure it’s also under $50. Whoop Whoop. Click pic below to shop.

Naked Heat Palette

I’ve also mentioned this before, but legit you guys, I’m obsessed. I wear it everyday (well, everyday that I put makeup on. It can be used for daytime neutral looks or nighttime vampy looks. It also works on so many different skin tones. It’s just ridiculous and amazing. Ridiculously amazing. Click pics below to shop.

Warby Parker Eyeglasses

I have two different pairs of Warby Parker’s and everytime I do insta stories in either pair, you guys message me about how much you love them. Well I do too and I wear them both all of the time. Especially when I don’t feel like wearing makeup. Both pairs that I have go with everything and are very versatile. And the best thing about Warby Parker glasses is that most of them are under $100 each. You can also order them online. What’s not to love? Click pics below to shop.

You can also shop everything here, just click the pics below to shop:

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