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I’m getting SO excited to start recording my Podcast with the Bobby Bones Nashville Podcast Network. We have started working on things and I am hoping to get stuff out to you guys really soon! Until then, I thought I should share my favorite podcast with you. You know, to hold you over until VE comes out šŸ˜‰

1. The Bitch Sesh.

Hands down, this is my absolute favorite podcast. If you are a Real Housewives fan and you don’t listen to this podcast, you are seriously missing out on so much greatness for your life. The two host are both comedians and one was also on SNL for awhile, which should be enough info to communicate just how funny they are. Each week they breakdown all of the Real Housewive episodes and sometimes Vanderpump Rules. They give a hilarious commentary about each episode, character and just overall feel of the season. It is literally life changing for me and I am not exaggerating. I listen while I get ready for work and it immediately puts me in a good mood because I am laughing out loud the entire time. Check it out.

2. How I Built This with Guy Raz.

I don’t know if it’s because I work for myself, but I am super fascinated by how successful companies got their start. This podcast interviews very successful entrepreneurs (think Chipotle, Bumble, etc) on how they got their start, the journey it took to start their business and all the roadblocks or door openings it took to get there.


3. Stuff You Should Know.

Are you interested in how psychopaths work? Yeah, me too. This podcast discusses topics like the power of the drug, caffeine to how hand gliding works to what makes a one hit wonder. Basically, they answer all the random questions you didn’t even know you wanted answers to.


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