How To Throw A Fun Filled Shower

For as many showers as I have been to in my lifetime, I am still probably the furthest thing from a baby shower connoisseur. When it comes to throwing a shower, I always choose the things I can order, have delivered and someone else puts together. I did not get the Martha Stewart gene. However, as nice as all of that stuff is and as cute and fun as it looks at a shower, I am beginning to realize that the part of the shower that is so very important and special is the heart.

I had the honor of being a host with a an awesome group of girls for my friend Amy’s “adoption” shower this weekend. Amy’s story is a little different in that she is adopting two older children from Haiti. I say older, because they are in fact now 5 and 9. The adoption process has taken over four years and is finally looking like it may come to an end and these beautiful kids will get to start there life here in Nashville very soon.

Maybe it was the celebration of the end of a grueling process or maybe it was just the people in the room, but this shower was so full of smiles,love, celebration and gratitude. Amy is one of my friends who is so great at telling you what you have meant to her life and her journey and the connections at the shower felt so true and real because of this. I felt just as excited for her to celebrate and get these kids as she did. We laughed, we cried and then we danced while we cleaned the kitchen. As cheesy as it sounds it was just sort of magical. (It never hurts to end the night with 90’s rap).

Amy’s sister, Christi, and some of the other host, did an awesome job of thinking of games to include everyone and tie each person back to Amy. Here are some of my favorite things from the shower that are very easy to recreate and some of the fun games we played:amy shower newOne of the other host had polaroids printed of pictures of Amy, her husband and the kids and we hung them all around the house as decor. It was such a nice, personal thing to have as decoration and it gave the guest something fun to look at when they arrived. If you are interested in printing polaroids click here for the site she used. The pics we used were 5×5 size.amy shower new name tageWhen guest arrived they filled out an envelope with their name and address on it to make Amy’s life easier when she wants to send out thank you notes. No tracking down addresses. Guests also filled out a name tag with their name and how they know Amy, so that those of us who weren’t already aquainted could get to know each other. It gave people great conversation starters for the beginning of the shower when people can be a little awkward or shy. The name tags were created off of Etsy, Find them here.amy shower foodAmy’s favorite food is mexican, so obviously we decided on tacos and a mexican fiesta theme for food. Pork tacos, black bean dip, guacamole, salsa and my favorite- roasted cauliflower and chickpeas to make tacos out of. Seriously so good!

Here is the recipe:

-2-2/1/2 cups of rough chopped cauliflower florets
-1 can of garbanzo beans, rinsed and patted dry
-2Tbsp Olive Oil
-1Tbsp Chili Powder
-2tsp Cumin
-1tspSmoked Paprika
-1/2 tsp Sea Salt

-1 tsp Garlic Salt

Toss all ingredients until well coated on a cookie sheet and then roast on 400 for 25-30 minutes. Add more of the seasonings to your liking and serve with fresh lime wedges:-)

amy shower drinksSangria, Margarita and Lemon & Mint infused water, for the Mexican fiesta.amy shower flowersFlower’s were from the FLWR shop in Nashville. They were beautiful. We did a few bouquets, but all white and green. In my experience that color palette typically turns out perfectly for a shower.Amy shower games

If you have never played reverse charades, I highly recommend it. It’s the same as regular charades except a group of people get up and act out a word for one person guessing. In this case, Amy was guessing, obviously, and all of the words were parental themed. It was hilarious watching groups of girls try to act out things like “slumber parties.”amy shower booksInstead of cards, we gifted Amy books and each wrote little notes inside for their family. My favorite thing about this part of the shower was that Amy’s sister Christi was filling out a game of Mad Libs about Amy’s life while Amy opened presents. It was great to have something else going during the present opening which typically can be the lull in any shower. Christi read us the Mad Libs we all participated in at the end of the present opening and it was so funny and an amazing way to end the shower.amy shower chocolateAmy gifted each guest with a chocolate bar made with Haitian cocoa when they left. Her adopted children, Stachiara and Stevenson are from Haiti, so it had a personal touch and was obviously delicious. Find them here.amy shower frog poseANNNNNDDD, to finish, my favorite part of the night was during shower clean up which turned into a host dance party. This is also Amy showing us her frog poise (yoga). There was a whole story to go along with this that is too long to type, but the pic was too funny not to post. 90’s rap and a dance party is not the way I’ve ended most baby showers, but I have to say, I might start to now.

Follow @radioamy on Twitter and Instagram for updates on the kiddos arrival or listen in the mornings for her stories on the Bobby Bones Show!

OH! Almost forgot to link my shower outfit! Click the pics below to shop!

amy group shot


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