The Deets On Why Velvet’s Edge Needed A Facelift

Well, it took a little longer than expected (as it always does), but VE has officially gotten a mini face lift and I am SUPER excited about it. Over the past year, it’s felt so important to me to revamp and really make sure the site was in line with my personal aesthetic as well as just the mood and vibe of everything I write about. I’ve learned over the years that my style will be something that is constantly evolving and anytime you work in a creative field, it feels important to have your work grow, move and stay in line with those evolutions!

Here is a breakdown of some of the updates and the mood, vibe and feels of the new VE aesthetic:


Maybe it’s because of what I do for a day job (hair, makeup, styling), but I absolutely love the process of creating the right look to fit a certain person or style. My photographer, Kelsey Cherry, put together this mood board before our photo shoot and we worked together to put the vibe in place. In the past, Velvet’s Edge has been very white, black and neutral oriented. I wanted to change that and add some muted, yet poppy color. We chose tones of yellow and pink to add to the black and white vibe.

The mood board set the stage and once we started shooting, we also decided that a nighttime vibe was MUCH more fitting to my lifestyle. I’m super into neon lights and night scenes, so that has also played into the new style of Instagram and also the fonts used on each category section of Velvet’s Edge.

And finally, for my FAVORITE new addition, we are making VE easier to shop for you guys. I broke it down into three different categories, all under the ‘SHOP’ tab at the top of the site.

‘Wishlist‘ is full of items that I am eyeing and possibly adding to my collection. Just things I love and think are awesome.

‘Shop My Instagram’ is just that. You can shop all of the stuff you see me wearing on Instagram. Just click on whatever outfit pic you like and it will take you to all of the links of each item to shop!

‘Shop My Everyday’ are things I use everyday obvi. Anywhere from the Bulletproof coffee I drink everyday to the outfit I’m wearing that day or the face products I use on the reg.

I’m so excited about this little revamp! Let me know me know what you guys think!!


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