The beginning of April’s Nursery

So the brainstorming has begun. And I’m really all over the place at this point. I’m definitely starting with the wallpaper and going from there, even though I broke down and bought a vintage daybed already. :/ I am really inspired by funny sayings, organic everything, and having a nursery with a little character. I am completely against themes, so no matter what the wallpaper is, I can promise you nothing else in the space will match. I would love your input so keep scrolling to see my top selections I have gathered thus far.


My husband is 1000% FOR the deer wallpaper. I know it’ss not super girly, but I kind of love it. I love the floral also. What to do? Keep in mind I am more than likely doing a blush colored, leather rocker chair.


I am leaning toward the third crib because, if you can’t tell, the slats are acrylic and I think it’s unique….. and its affordable.

You can find the middle option here.


The sheet that the baby is laying on is just a simple pink heart on a white sheet and I love it. But I also really love “hello world” and it’s simplicity,but if I do words on the sheets it might be too many “wordy” things in the room.

Hello World option, I would have made.


Love all of the art especially the “get naked” art. I am thinking collage?


Unfortunately, this lighting is all of my vendor lighting (except the one linked below), so you can’t find it on line but I am really torn between clear or brass.



I am going to use a variety of pillows on the daybed. And these are the pillows I have found thus far.


This is the rattan daybed that I’ve already purchased. A lot of people will think it is ugly, but I don’t care I LOVE IT and it’s non-returnable. šŸ™‚

I am thinking really simple for the rug and curtains, and of course there will be odd and end things that are not listed above. But this is where I currently am with everything.

By the way, I design every day and have never loved designing a space more than Everly’s.

S00000000, whatcha think?

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  1. I LOVE the peony bouquet wall paper, especially with the clear chandelier but to be honest, after scrolling through all your options, I was kind of confused when I saw the style of the daybed. BUT! I love your designs and I’m sure it will be a gorgeous nursery when it’s all put together. Best of luck, can’t wait to see the finished room!

    1. Hahahahaha. Most people probably are confused. I always like something that is old and unexpected but most clients won’t go for it. It’s a risk and definitely not something you would see on a Restoration Kids magazine, but design is about bringing out all sides of your personality and I am banking on hers being very eclectic. šŸ™‚ thanks for the feedback. I always love to hear you guys thoughts.

  2. I have no idea how I missed this post! I saw it under interiors and about flipped out! First of all…I LOVE IT ALL. Second, I think the deer wallpaper is precious and that you should go for it. I love the floral, but the deer is more unexpected, and its a sweet tribute to Ford and his love for hunting! And its still sweet and feminine, too! I love all the colors, patterns, fabrics, art…and I honestly think I like the brass with it all! Anyway…this was 2.5 months ago so I’m sure you’ve made other decisions by now and this may be a moot point hahha…but I can’t wait to see what you come up with! It’ll be gorgeous, just like she will! Excited for you, ma’am, and I hope you have a fantastic shower this weekend! Love ya!

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