Kelly’s Summer Beauty Necessities

My beauty routine changes a little with each season. If I had to pick the top thing on my beauty mind for summer, I would probably say it would have something to do with the fact that more skin is showing. Second would be the heat and intense sun. I was thinking two nights ago as I got dressed to go to dinner with some friends. It was hot as hell and humid. I was pale, so I quickly sprayed myself with some tan spray and body oil (which I will get into below), popped on a bright pink lip and cheek stain and smoothed out my hair to get rid of the frizz. All things that I only think about during summer. So I compiled my list of summer beauty must haves….click on links or the pics below to shop!

1. Tom Ford Soleil Blanc Shimmering Body Oil

Legit my #1 summer must have. Not only does it smell amazing, but I love applying this to tan skin for a glow. It makes my skin look amazing and I swear it makes me look more toned. I don’t know, maybe that’s in my head, but I really think it does. Also looks great in pics. Find it here.

2. Self Tanner

So this seems like a weird must have for summer since the sun is out and the pools are open. However, what if you have to work or can’t make it out to the pool? The clothes of summer are still small, your legs will still be exposed. Sometimes you need a little tan help. For a major tan makeover, I will always go with St. Tropez Self-Tanner, find it here.

For something more gradual that doesn’t smell, I really love Nkd Skin Gradual Tanner. It builds slowly with a really pretty color. Find it here.

Pro Tip: Daily Gradual Tanners are also a good way to maintain a spray tan and make them last up to ten days. Just use as your moisturizer after you shower.

3. Sunscreen

I know. DUH, right? This one is pretty obvious, but there a few sunscreen products that I cannot live without.

-Elta Facial Sunscreen. It comes in high SPF and is literally the only sunscreen that does not make me break out. Find it here.

-Supergoop Hand Moisturizer with SPF. It guards my hands from aging and I swear smooths them out so much upon application that they instantly look younger. Find it here.

4. Lip and Cheek Stain

My makeup has a tendency to melt with the heat and humidity of Nashville summers. There are multiple lip and cheek stains that I love, but my latest obsession has been one by The Body Shop. I honestly have no other makeup by them, so I was so surprised at how much I loved this product. My favorite is one in the color ‘Bright Peony.’ I have been wearing it so much that I will probably do a video tutorial with it in the next few weeks. Find it here!

5. Frizz Control

Pretty hair in the summer is hard. It’s hot and sweaty and in most places in the South, humid AF. Embracing a sleek ponytail or a beauty braid is an amazing option. However, if you want to wear your hair down, it’s all about frizz control. For wavy hair, I like to use, Oribe Wave and shine spray. Helps maintain the frizz without making it too greasy and also adds a pretty shine. Find it here.

If you don’t want the wave, try Smooth Sexy Hair Smooth and Seal. Similar idea, without the beachy wave part. Find it here.

I also always start with Moroccan Oil to keep my hair healthy, especially to add moisture after being out in the sun. Find it here.

Pro tip: Focus product application on ends of hair versus roots. Summer heat can make hair look oily.





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