The best way to cook summer veggies + Olivia’s weekly workout

First let me point out, one of the only benefits of these BLAZING HOT HUMID summer days, are the fresh fruits and vegetables now in season. There are so many ways to incorporate veggies into your meals, but my favorite way is simple, fast, and brings out the most flavor of the vegetable. So here is my easy, easy veggie recipe that you can used for any vegetable, and add to any dish! Also of course there is a workout, so keep scrolling if you’re not into cooking. ­čÖé
Needed: cookie sheet, aluminum foil, olive oil, kosher salt, ground black pepper, veggie of your choice
– preheat the oven to 400┬░
– line the cookie sheet with aluminum foil
– chop your vegetable up in whatever size. For example: with broccoli I just cut off the florets and spread out on the cookie sheet.
– drizzle the vegetable with olive oil
– salt and pepper
– toss the vegetable around to make sure it’s even covered with oil
– bake until crispy! (Usually 35-40mins, but watch)


Weekly Workout
My workouts are pretty monotonous 4 weeks out from giving birth, so here’s one I wish I could do!
Outdoor Summer Workout3
45 seconds push ups
weekly workout6
45 seconds of box jumps

10 overhead kettle bell swings (example video here)
10 side lunges right side (example video here)
10 shoulder presses (example video here)
10 side lunges left side

12 Weight reverse lunge
Dumbbell workout11
24 Dips

Dumbbell workout9
30 Russian Twists
Ab and Butt workout5
30 crunches

xoxo – Olivia


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