My Home Updates: Kitchen & Bar Cart

 I really didn’t change a lot in my kitchen, except for adding extra storage which has been a game changer. Instead of putting tons of decor on the walls, we added much needed shelves (inexpensive ones at that!). We put things I use daily on the shelves which looks cute and keeps my kitchen organized.

For the area right outside of my kitchen, I wanted to set up something cute that served as a bar cart, but also spoke to my personality. Brittney, who helped me design everything, thought of a great idea to set up a mood board. I can use it as a little memory space for fun times and events I go to, memories with friends etc, but also as a place for inspiration pics to use for VE or for my hair and makeup work. It truly makes me smile everytime I walk past it.
The board was done by Coventry Upholstery using material that Brittney died with hibiscus flowers. I know. Sounds insane, but according to Britt, it isn’t that tricky. Find the directions she used here.

Brittney also worked with Diane at Coventry to design the nail head shape to give the board a more edgy appeal and fit my style. You can find Diane here!

Obviously every one needs a little bar car sitch with all of their favorites. I keep my glasses below on the storage shelves, but the top ones are those acrylic glasses I love from World Market. I don’t have to worry about breaking them, so I’m fine keeping them out! Click the pics below to shop!

I am also known to kill every plant I see, so Britt hooked me up with this fake plant from Target. It seriously looks so real and I can’t kill it! Very into it. Shop this plant below!

Stay tuned for my bedroom and bathroom updates next week!


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