Lime washed walls trend…hmmmmm!

This post is definitely for you interior enthusiasts, because who else gives a shit about lime washing their walls. I didn’t think so.:) I have been seeing this trend and have really fallen in love. I am considering doing my master bedroom in a lime wash, but interior commitment for my own home is something that is really challenging.

If you haven’t heard of lime washing, here are some photos that will help you to visualize what I’m talking about.

lime wash

lime wash1

lime wash2

lime wash3

lime wash4

So what do you think? I have a pretty organic, sleek style in my home, but mixing some modern pieces with this lime washing could give my home some character.


This paint is fragile and is not easy to touch up, so I would have to be confident in it. So I’m calling on you guys, to tell me your thoughts.

How To

For those of you considering the same application, I plan on using Portola Paints.… if I end up doing it. You can click on Portola Paints and if you click on the lime wash, there is a spec sheet you can download. This will give you instructions on how to apply this technique to your walls.

Comment and let me know your thoughts.


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